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Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

Discover Your Stranger Things Alter Ego

Dive into the eerie and captivating world of Hawkins, Indiana, with our "Which Stranger Things Character Are You?" quiz!

Whether you're brave like Eleven, resourceful like Joyce, or loyal like Mike, this quiz will reveal which character from the beloved series resonates with your personality. Each question is carefully crafted to match your traits with those of the show's characters, offering a fun and insightful way to connect with the Stranger Things universe.

So, if you're curious to discover your Stranger Things alter ego, click the link and embark on this exciting journey. Who knows? You might just find out you have more in common with your favorite character than you thought!

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  • You find a mysterious map in the library, what do you do?

    • Use it to search for clues about your past.
    • Convince your friends to go on an adventure together.
    • Study it carefully and look for references in your books.
    • Prepare for any danger it might represent.
    • Study the map closely and set out to solve the mystery on your own.
  • A friend tells you they saw something strange in the woods, how do you react?

    • Immediately go to the woods to face the unknown.
    • Organize an exploration mission with the whole group.
    • Gather gadgets and tools to investigate.
    • Insist on creating a safety plan before anything else.
    • Take your camera and go to document the finding.
  • If you had to choose a hobby, what would it be?

    • Practice your abilities in a secret place.
    • Direct a Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
    • Assemble and disassemble radios and other electronic devices.
    • Train with your slingshot in the backyard.
    • Skate in the park and do tricks.
  • The power goes out across the city, what's the first thing you do?

    • Focus to try to understand if there's a supernatural force behind it.
    • Use your walkie-talkie to make sure all your friends are okay.
    • Pull out your collection of flashlights and prepare a plan of action.
    • Ensure your family has everything they need to be safe.
    • Take the opportunity to go on a nighttime adventure.
  • You find a mysterious door you've never seen before, how do you proceed?

    • Trust your instincts and cautiously explore beyond it.
    • Call your friends to investigate together.
    • Look for clues around the door that reveal its purpose.
    • Take precautions before trying to open the door.
    • Open the door without hesitation, ready for whatever you find.
  • Your best friend mysteriously disappears, what's your first step to find them?

    • Focus intensely, trying to recall any clues that might lead to them.
    • Create a command center with your friends to coordinate the search.
    • Implement a communication system to keep the group in touch.
    • Analyze the last known location and look for physical clues.
    • Set out to search for them through the city, asking around and looking for signs.
  • A storm cuts the electricity in the middle of your horror movie marathon, what do you do?

    • Focus to try turning the TV back on without electricity.
    • Use the situation to tell horror stories and keep everyone entertained.
    • Pull out a hand-crank projector and continue the movie night.
    • Secure the house with flashlights and candles, preparing for anything.
    • Suggest a game of hide and seek in the dark to take advantage of the spooky atmosphere.
  • You discover an old walkie-talkie that picks up an unknown frequency with cryptic messages, what do you do?

    • Listen intently, trying to piece together the puzzle behind the messages.
    • Organize an exploration mission with your friends to trace the source.
    • Start investigating and decoding the messages using books and the internet.
    • Suggest a precaution plan in case the messages turn out to be a threat.
    • Embark on a solo adventure following the clues from the messages.
  • At the town fair, you're dared to enter the "House of Terror" alone, how do you react?

    • Enter without hesitation, curious about what might be inside.
    • Convince your friends to join and face the challenge together.
    • Bring along a homemade "ghostbuster kit" to investigate.
    • Analyze the entrance and prepare a plan to face the scares logically.
    • Accept the challenge enthusiastically, ready to prove your bravery.
  • You find a lost cat on your way home in the rain, what do you do?

    • Gently coax it to follow you, promising to keep it safe.
    • Create a temporary shelter with your friends while you look for the owner together.
    • Use your knowledge to take care of the cat while you find a solution.
    • Make sure the cat is safe and healthy, then plan how to find its home.
    • Take the initiative to look for the owner on your own, asking around the neighborhood.

Quiz: Stranger Things

Stranger Things Main Characters

"Stranger Things," a captivating blend of 1980s nostalgia, supernatural intrigue, and heartfelt storytelling, showcases a diverse cast of characters navigating the challenges of adolescence against the backdrop of extraordinary events in Hawkins, Indiana. Here's a glimpse into the personalities of the show's main characters, whose bravery, bonds, and battles against the unknown define the heart of the series.

Eleven (El): Initially mysterious and reserved, Eleven has telekinetic abilities and a deep sense of loyalty to her friends. Despite her traumatic past and struggles with communication, her bravery, kindness, and willingness to protect those she cares about are paramount.

Mike Wheeler: The de facto leader of the group, Mike is compassionate, loyal, and extremely dedicated to his friends. He is imaginative, which serves him well in Dungeons & Dragons, and he often takes charge in situations, showing a natural leadership quality.

Dustin Henderson: Dustin is the group's comic relief, known for his quick wit, intelligence, and boundless optimism. He is a problem solver who loves science and technology, and he has a knack for making friends, even in the most unlikely circumstances.

Lucas Sinclair: Lucas is pragmatic, skeptical, and has a strong moral compass. He is initially wary of Eleven but grows to be a fiercely loyal friend. His skepticism often serves as a counterbalance to the group's more impulsive decisions.

Will Byers: The focal point of the series' early seasons, Will is sensitive, artistic, and has a close bond with his friends. His experiences in the Upside Down have left him with trauma, but they also showcase his resilience and strength.

Max Mayfield: Introduced in the second season, Max is independent, tough, and has a strong sense of justice. She struggles with family issues but finds solace and strength in her friendships, especially with Lucas and Eleven.

Jim Hopper: The Hawkins Police Chief with a complicated past, Hopper is gruff and no-nonsense on the outside but deeply caring and protective of those he loves. His journey involves overcoming personal grief and stepping up as a father figure to Eleven.

Joyce Byers: Will's mother, Joyce, is determined, resourceful, and will stop at nothing to protect her children. Her unwavering belief in Will's survival, despite others' doubts, shows her immense love and perseverance.

These characters, with their distinctive traits and evolving relationships, are central to the show's success, combining elements of adventure, horror, and coming-of-age drama.


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