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Flags Quiz: Questions and Answers

  • What do the colors on the flag of Lithuania represent?

    Lithuania FlagThe flag of Lithuania consists of three horizontal stripes: yellow at the top, green in the middle, and red at the bottom. The yellow represents the sun, light, and goodness, the green symbolizes the beauty of nature, freedom, and hope, and the red stands for the blood and courage of those who died fighting for Lithuania’s independence.

    • Lituania
    • Colombia
    • Bolivia
    • Ghana
  • What is the meaning behind the five-cross flag of Georgia?

    Georgia FlagThe flag of Georgia, known as the "Five Cross Flag," features a white field with a large red cross in the center and four smaller crosses in each quadrant. The central cross represents the Christian faith, a significant part of Georgia's history and culture. The four smaller crosses are said to symbolize the four Gospels of the New Testament.

    • Georgia
    • England
    • Denmark
    • Switzerland
  • What do the colors of the Armenian flag represent?

    Armenia FlagThe flag of Armenia consists of three horizontal stripes: red at the top, blue in the middle, and orange at the bottom. The red symbolizes the Armenian highlands and the blood spilled for independence, the blue represents the will of the people to live under peaceful skies, and the orange stands for the creative talent and hard-working nature of the people of Armenia.

    • Armenia
    • India
    • Niger
    • Ireland
  • What is the symbolism behind the colors and crescent on the flag of Azerbaijan?

    Azerbaijan FlagThe flag of Azerbaijan consists of three horizontal stripes: blue symbolizing the country's Turkic heritage, red for progress and modernity, and green representing Islam. In the center, a white crescent and an eight-pointed star are Islamic symbols, with the star often linked to the eight branches of the Turkic peoples or reflecting Islamic meanings.

    • Azerbaiyán
    • Turkey
    • Pakistan
    • Tunisia
  • What do the colors and symbols on the flag of Uzbekistan represent?

    Uzbekistan FlagThe flag of Uzbekistan consists of three horizontal stripes: blue, white, and green, with thin red stripes separating them. The blue represents the sky and water, symbolizing eternal life, the white stands for peace and purity, and the green symbolizes nature and fertility. The crescent represents Islam, and the twelve stars signify the historical regions of Uzbekistan as well as the spirit of unity among the Uzbek people.

    • Uzbekistán
    • Turkmenistán
    • Kazajistán
    • Kirguistán
  • What do the symbols on the flag of Mongolia represent?

    Mongolia FlagThe flag of Mongolia consists of three vertical stripes, with red on the sides and blue in the center. The blue stripe symbolizes the eternal blue sky, a key element in traditional Mongolian shamanism. The red stripes represent progress and prosperity. On the hoist side of the left stripe is the "soyombo," a national emblem that symbolizes freedom and independence.

    • Mongolia
    • Kazakhstan
    • Nepal
    • Bhutan
  • What is unique about the shape and design of the flag of Nepal?

    Nepal FlagThe flag of Nepal is the only non-rectangular national flag in the world. It consists of two stacked triangles. The upper triangle features a stylized moon, and the lower triangle displays a sun. The crimson red color symbolizes bravery, and the blue border represents peace. The celestial bodies reflect Nepal's desire for longevity and permanence, akin to the celestial bodies in the sky.

    • Nepal
    • Bhutan
    • Bangladesh
    • Myanmar
  • What does the lion in the flag of Sri Lanka represent?

    Sri Lanka FlagThe flag of Sri Lanka, also known as the "Lion Flag," features a golden lion holding a kastane sword in its right fore-paw in a maroon field with four gold bo leaves in each corner. The lion symbolizes strength and bravery, while the bo leaves represent Buddhism's four virtues: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. The green and saffron stripes represent Sri Lanka's Muslim and Hindu communities.

    • Sri Lanka
    • India
    • Singapore
    • Maldives
  • What is the significance of the green and red colors in the flag of Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh FlagThe flag of Bangladesh features a red circle, slightly off-center towards the hoist, on a green background. The red represents the sun rising over Bengal and also the blood of those who died for the independence of Bangladesh. The green field stands for the lushness of the land of Bangladesh.

    • Bangladesh
    • Pakistan
    • India
    • Maldives
  • What is the significance of the colors in the flag of  Myanmar?

    Myanmar FlagThe flag of Myanmar consists of three horizontal stripes of yellow, green, and red with a large white star in the center. The yellow represents solidarity, the green symbolizes peace and tranquility, and the red stands for courage and determination. The large white star signifies the union of the country, purity and power. Note: The peacock was a prominent symbol in the former flag but was replaced in the current flag adopted in 2010.

    • Myanmar
    • Thailand
    • Laos
    • Cambodia
  • What does the image of Angkor Wat on the flag of Cambodia symbolize?

    Cambodia FlagThe flag of Cambodia is unique for featuring the image of Angkor Wat in the center, symbolizing heritage, justice, and integrity. The blue stripes represent royalty, and the red stripe symbolizes the nation. Angkor Wat is a significant historical and archaeological site in Cambodia, reflecting the country's rich cultural heritage.

    • Camboya
    • Tailandia
    • Vietnam
    • Myanmar
  • What is the meaning of the white circle on the flag of Laos?

    Laos FlagThe flag of Laos features three horizontal stripes with red on the top and bottom and a blue stripe in the middle, which is twice the height of the red ones. The white circle in the center of the blue stripe symbolizes the unity of the Laotian people under the communist government, as well as the country's bright future. The red stripes represent the blood shed in the struggle for independence, and the blue symbolizes Laos' wealth and prosperity.

    • Laos
    • Armenia
    • Bangladesh
    • Greece
  • What does the seven-pointed star on the flag of Jordan represent?

    Jordan FlagThe flag of Jordan consists of three horizontal stripes of black, white, and green, with a red chevron pointing towards the hoist side containing a seven-pointed white star. The seven points of the star represent the seven verses of the first surah in the Quran, and also stand for the unity of the Arab peoples. The colors of the stripes are the traditional Pan-Arab colors, each symbolizing a different aspect of Arab culture and history.

    • Jordan
    • Palestine
    • Sudan
    • Syria
  • What do the colors and the tree on the flag of Lebanon represent?

    Lebanon FlagThe flag of Lebanon features a large green cedar tree in the center, a symbol of holiness, eternity, and peace. The red stripes represent the blood shed for liberation, and the white stripe symbolizes peace. The cedar tree, which is central to Lebanese identity, represents stability and immortality.

    • Líbano
    • Chipre
    • Grecia
    • Italia
  • What is the symbolism behind the crossed swords and khanjar on the flag of Oman?

    Oman FlagThe flag of Oman consists of three horizontal stripes of white, red, and green, with a vertical red stripe on the hoist side. The red stripe contains Oman's national emblem, a pair of crossed swords and a khanjar (traditional dagger). The white stripe represents peace and prosperity, the red symbolizes the battles fought by Oman, and the green stands for fertility and the Green Mountains. The khanjar and swords symbolize the historic weapons used in Oman and reflect the country's martial tradition.

    • Oman
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Yemen
    • United Arab Emirates
  • What do the colors on the flag of Yemen represent?

    Yemen Flag The flag of Yemen consists of three horizontal stripes of red, white, and black. The red symbolizes the blood shed for independence, the white stands for a bright future, and the black represents the dark past. 

    • Yemen
    • Oman
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Jordan
  • What is the meaning behind the colors on the flag of Tanzania?

    Tanzania Flag The flag of Tanzania features a diagonal division from the lower hoist-side corner; the upper triangle is green and the lower triangle is blue, separated by a black band edged in yellow. The green symbolizes the country's natural vegetation, yellow represents the mineral wealth, black denotes the native Swahili people, and blue symbolizes the Indian Ocean and the nation's numerous lakes and rivers.

    • Tanzania
    • Kenya
    • Uganda
    • Rwanda
  • What do the colors on the flag of Kenya represent?

    Kenya Flag The flag of Kenya has three horizontal stripes of black, red, and green with two white fimbriations, and a Maasai shield and two spears in the center. The black represents the people of Kenya, red for the blood shed during the fight for independence, green stands for the country's landscape and natural wealth, and the white fimbriations denote peace and honesty. The shield and spears symbolize the defense of all the things the flag represents.

    • Kenya
    • Ethiopia
    • Somalia
    • Tanzania
  • What does the black star on the flag of Ghana symbolize?

    Ghana Flag The flag of Ghana features three horizontal stripes of red, yellow, and green, with a black five-pointed star in the center of the yellow stripe. The red represents the blood of those who died in the country's struggle for independence, yellow stands for the country's mineral wealth, green symbolizes the rich forests and natural resources, and the black star is the symbol of African freedom.

    • Ghana
    • Nigeria
    • Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)
    • Cameroon
  • What is the significance of the orange, white, and green stripes on the flag of Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)?

    Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) Flag The flag of Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) consists of three vertical stripes of orange, white, and green. The orange symbolizes the land, richness, and the northern savannas, white represents peace, unity, and the country's rivers, and green stands for hope and the lush southern forests. The design reflects the country's geographic and cultural identity within West Africa.

    • Ivory Coast
    • Ghana
    • Liberia
    • Burkina Faso

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